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Script Hook V .NET (Latest Version) For GTA V Modding

Download the Script Hook V .NET (Latest Version) by clicking the button below.


Script Hook V .NET is a user-friendly ASI plugin that allows you to run scripts written in any .NET language directly in your GTA 5 game. It’s a collaborative project developed by the gaming community, designed to make enhancing your gaming experience a breeze.

we’ll walk you through a simplified installation process so you can effortlessly tap into the potential of Script Hook V .NET.


Before you start, ensure you have the following prerequisites:

Installation Steps:

  • Script Hook V Installation: First, you need to install Script Hook V. If you haven’t done this yet, you can download it HERE.
  • Download Script Hook V .NET: Once you’ve downloaded the Script Hook V .NET package, locate these files: ScriptHookVDotNet.asi, ScriptHookVDotNet2.dll, ScriptHookVDotNet3.dll
  • Copy these files to your game directory.

That’s it! You’ve successfully installed Script Hook V .NET, and you’re now ready to explore a wide range of scripts and mods to enhance your GTA V gaming experience.

Community-Driven Development:

Remember, Script Hook V .NET is a project driven by the gaming community. Contributions from fellow gamers are not only encouraged but warmly welcomed. If you have coding skills and creative ideas for scripts, you can actively participate in the development process by checking out the full source code on Github and collaborating with others.


Script Hook V .NET is your gateway to a world of possibilities within your favorite game. With this simplified installation guide, you can quickly get started on your journey to unlock the full potential of your gaming experience.

Enjoy the multitude of scripts and mods created by the community, and don’t hesitate to contribute your own if you’re interested. Happy gaming!

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