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How to Play GTA V On Low-End PCs! – GTA 5 Lag Fix

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In this article we will learn about How to Play GTA 5 on Low-End PCs, without graphic card it will not be lag at all, with this method GTA 5 Lag Fix you will be able to run your GTA 5 comfortably on 60fps 100% with no lag for all Grand Theft Auto V versions.

GTA V is the most considered, standard game ever. and here we have a great custom setting to help GTA 5 run on a low-end PC without graphic card, which gives you a 60fps smooth experience If you follow this article then you will be able to play GTA 5 with smooth gameplay I guarantee.

GTA 5 Lag Fix Features:

  • 100% Lag Fix
  • Increase your fps
  • With better graphics
  • Works in any low-end PCs
  • Without graphics card
  • Play GTA 5 Smoothy
  • With more sharp gameplay
  • More nuances
  • Fix lag while driving
  • More significant fps
  • And much more…

How to Play GTA 5 On Low-End PCs!

Okay So First Download the RAR file with custom settings from here. Then Extract the file with any extracting program. Inside open the Settings. text file and copy all the code. Now go to the Documents, Rockstar Games, and GTA V folder and replace the copied Settings.xml code.

Note: Replace only the copied code! And leave the last graphic card description.

Location is Here: ( C:Users%USERNAME%DocumentsRockstar GamesGTA V )

And we recommend to make a backup of the original before doing changes to it. Now Run your game and go to settings, set the display at Fullscreen. If the game still lagging, then you can reduce the resolution. and enjoy the Gameplay with 60fps smooth experience.

Rockstar Games Folder in Documents

If you don’t have the Rockstar Games folder in your documents folder, you should run your game and play at least 1 mission, then save the game progress. It should create the Rockstar Games folder in documents of your windows.

And you know! we found a lot of comments on How to Play GTA 5 On Low-End PCs? from our supporters who want this GTA 5 Lag Fix and we made it’s ready for you. So friends thanks for the support keep it more and enjoy the GTA 5 game more than more. We are always available. Also, you can download more best mods for GTA 4, GTA 5, and GTA Trilogy from our BEST MODDING website, And subscribe our Best Modding YouTube Channel for upcoming new mods Thank You.

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