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Gameconfig (Latest Version) For GTA V Modding

Download the Gameconfig (Latest Version) by clicking the button below.


Adding custom mods to Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) can be an exciting way to enhance your gaming experience. However, for many players, dealing with gameconfig.xml files and memory pool limits can be a bit daunting. we’ll guide you through the process of installing add-on mods with ease, using the LML (Limitless Memory Loader) installation method.

What is Gameconfig.xml?

A gameconfig.xml file in GTA V is a crucial element that controls various memory pool limits. These limits are essential for the game to run smoothly when you’ve added numerous mods. Without the proper gameconfig.xml, you might experience crashes or other performance issues.

LML Installation Instructions:

The LML method simplifies the installation process significantly:

  • Open the Mod Manager UI.
  • Visit the download page on
  • Click “Download with Mod Manager.”
  • The package will be installed automatically.
  • Alternatively, you can download the package manually and follow these steps:

Manual Installation Instructions:

  • Using OpenIV or Codewalker Explorer, open [mods]\update\update.rpf\common\data\ (We recommend using the “mods folder” feature in OpenIV).
  • Before making any changes, create a backup of the original gameconfig.xml for safety.
  • Replace the original gameconfig.xml with the modified one you downloaded.
  • Install any additional limit adjusters that may be required (see below).

Additional Recommended Files:

To further enhance your modding experience, consider installing these recommended files:


With the right gameconfig.xml and these straightforward installation instructions, you can enjoy the world of GTA V modding without worrying about memory limitations. Explore new content, enhance your gameplay, and make GTA V truly your own. Happy modding!

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