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NativeUI Library (Latest Version) For GTA V Modding

Download the NativeUI Library (Latest Version) by clicking the button below.


If you’re a GTA V modder, the NativeUI Library is your shortcut to creating Rockstar-style menus. This library, based on ScriptHookVDotNet, makes menu creation simple and fast, improving your modding experience.

Key Features:

  • User-Friendly UI: NativeUI supports easy-to-use elements like buttons, checkboxes, and lists for straightforward menu design.
  • Custom Banners: Add personalized banners from in-game sprites or your own textures to give your mods a unique touch.
  • Nested Menus: Easily organize complex menu systems with nested menus, ensuring smooth navigation.
  • Controller and Mouse Support: NativeUI works with controllers and mice, making it accessible to all players.
  • Custom Buttons: Create your own instructional buttons to guide users through your mod.
  • Resolution Adaptability: The library adapts to all screen resolutions, ensuring a consistent appearance.
  • Item Descriptions: Provide item descriptions for clarity on menu options.
  • Key Customization: Allow users to customize keybindings and controls.
  • Badges: Decorate menu items with badges for a polished look.
  • Event-Based Actions: Trigger specific actions within your mod with event-based callbacks.


  • Ensure you have ScriptHookVDotNet installed.
  • Copy “NativeUI.dll” to your “scripts/” folder in the GTA V directory.


  • In Visual Studio, add “NativeUI.dll” as a reference, just like “ScriptHookDotNet.dll.”
  • Include “using NativeUI;” at the beginning of your script.

For detailed guidance, refer to the library’s documentation on the wiki.


The NativeUI Library was developed by Guad and jedijosh920, dedicated modders who have simplified menu creation for the GTA V community.

In summary, the NativeUI Library is a valuable tool for modders looking to create customizable menus for their GTA V mods. Its user-friendly features and documentation make modding a breeze, allowing you to stand out in the modding community.

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