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GTA 5 Addonpeds Editor

Download the GTA 5 Addonpeds Editor by clicking the button below.



AddonPeds is a mod/script that allows you to add new ped models to your GTA V Game Without Replacing any file And Without Any Problem.

Installation (Using mods folder method)

Open scripts folder, copy PedSelector.dll and paste into your GTA V scripts folder (YOUR GTAV FOLDERscripts)
Open dlcpacks folder, copy addonpeds folder and paste into (YOR GTA V MODS FOLDER)updatex64dlcpacks)
Start your OpenIV and Enable “Edit Mode”
Go to: (modsupdateupdate.rpfcommondata)
Extract dlclist.xml to somewhere
Using a text editor, open dlclist.xml and add the following line before the </Paths> line:


Save and import the edited dlclist.xml to OpenIV (in the same path of dlclist.xml)
Run AddonPeds Editor.exe as administrator and click the “REBUILD” button. Done!

Hotkeys – In the game, press “L” to Open Ped Selector Menu.

Adding Peds

Before we start, keep in mind that GTA V has two types of peds, the normal and streamed peds.
Normal peds: in the format model name. add a model name.YTD, model name.yft, model name.ymt.
Streamed peds: contain folders, in the format: model name(folder), model name.yft, model name.ymt
Aware of the ped differences, let’s start! Follow the steps to add your addon-peds to the game.
Have an addon-ped model.
Using OpenIV, turn “Edit Mode ON”.
Import ped files to: (YOUR GTA V Mods Folder)updatex64dlcpacksaddonpedsdlc.rpfpeds.rpf
Run AddonPeds Editor.exe as an administrator, go to the tab “Peds -> New Ped”
Fill the form values (Ped Model Name, Ped Type, Is Streamed) and click the “Add Ped” button.
After that, click the “REBUILD” button. Done!

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