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Dinka Blista Compact Roadster (Add-On), (Auto-Installer OIV) 1.0

Download Dinka Blista Compact Roadster (Add-On) 1.0 For Downloading Click On Below Button.

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This is GTA5 – Dinka Blista Compact Roadster (Add-On), (Auto-Installer OIV) 1.0 that you’ll love, download it from our website and check out its screenshot above if you think it’s something for you. Then look at below to know more…


  • No Roof
  • LOD’s
  • Dirt-Mapping
  • Normals that don’t suck.
  • Breakable Windows
  • HQ Exterior and Interior
  • 3D engine and trunk
  • Hands-on steering wheel
  • Realistic handling performance
  • Correct working lights

How to install

Installation of this mod is quite simple; all you need to do is download it from our website. Then extract it, after extracting inside will be a README! notepad with each installation method such as [Add-On], [Replace], [FiveM], and [OIV Package] installer. That tells you how to install in your GTA 5 with many more instructions, you can install it without a hitch according to whichever set of steps you feel most comfortable with.


  • Auto (Package Installer OIV) By: Best Modding
  • Eduarson26#4451
  • Original Sketch Crower#8145
  • Mod Screenshots NastyWiNN3R#0708

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