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ELS GTA 5 Mod (Emergency Lighting System)

Download the ELS GTA 5 Mod (Emergency Lighting System) by clicking the button below.


ELS GTA 5 Mod (Emergency Lighting System) is some of the best and most well-known modifications ever made for a GTA title (ELS-IV) to Grand Theft Auto V. ELS-V adds a brand different dimension to the patrols you undertake. With a new look and more features than the previous version, it’s certain to enhance your gameplay and brighten up emergency lighting in all.


  • ELS offers an alternative and extremely in-depth method to control GTA 5 emergency lighting system and sounds.
  • ELS (Emergency Lighting System) requires vehicles specifically built to take advantage of its capabilities.
  • ELS has over 200 distinct lighting patterns that are scattered across four light groups and four different lighting formats.

( Installation ) Of ELS GTA 5 Mod

A GTAV ScriptHook is required to be set up in order for the .asi alteration to work.

  • Place ELS.asi, ELS.ini, the ELS folder, and AdvancedHookV.dll inside your main GTA V game directory.
  • Download and install (a) pro-ELS vehicle model(s).
  • 3. Start your game.


It is recommended to read the ELS User Guide and other documentation provided in using ELS.

As of V1.00 ELS is not compatible with any type of multiplayer.
A mod for the visual appearance of ELS is suggested to enhance (Emergency Lighting System) in-game.


ELS is coded by Lt.Caine.

AdvancedHookV and vehicle damage feature coded by LMS.
ELS-V testing team (alphabetical order): Albo1125, BxBugs123, GravelRoadCop, PoliceWag, and Prophet.

Now enjoy the ELS GTA 5 mod (emergency lighting system). We are always available for you every time, and you can also download more best mods for GTA 4, and GTA 5 from our BEST MODDING website.

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