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GTA 5 Bank Robbery Mod – Pacific Standard

Download GTA 5 Bank Robbery Mod For Downloading Click On Below Button.

GTA 5 Bank Robbery Mod: This is the best bank robbery mission in GTA 5 you should download it (Full Free) by the way the full name of the bank robbery mod is “Pacific Standard” So just download it from here and read the below instruction.


  • Added security camera view when the vault door is opening
  • Fixed controller support glitches
  • Added controller support for cash grabbing
  • Added checkpoint sounds
  • Open All Interiors
  • Added Alarm and Vault door sounds.
  • Added Success Screen.
  • Fixed all bugs
  • Best Crazy Mod

(Installation) Of GTA 5 Bank Robbery Mod:

  • First, download the Bank Robbery Mod” from here.
  • Then extract the RAR file and open the extracted folder.
  • And copy-paste all files into your GTA 5 man directory Scripts folder.
  • Now enjoy.


How to Start Mission:

This mod allows you to rob The Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank. Simply walk into the front doors and press “E” or Right D-Pad to start the heist! In the hacking mini game press the Enter key or (A on the controller) to control it.

So friends thanks for the support keep it more and enjoy the GTA 5 Bank Robbery Mod. more than more. We are always available for you. and, you can download more best mods for GTA 5, GTA 4 from our website. Click Here to check it out

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