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GTA 5 Lucky Blocks Mod – Like Minecraft

Download GTA 5 Lucky Blocks Mod For Downloading Click On Below Button.

GTA 5 Lucky Blocks Mod: You should download it (fully free). it’s a simple mod but interesting made by JulioNIB. and it’s like Minecraft lucky blocks you can enjoy it in GTA 5 that lets you spawn some secret/lucky boxes that bring random surprises like all game weapons, turn you into an animal, rocket bicycle, game vehicles, shoot rockets at you lol, and other crazy things. So you should try it, essay to install just read the below instruction.


  • Enjoy it in GTA 5
  • That Brings Random Surprises
  • Turn You into an Animal
  • Rocket Bicycle
  • Game Vehicles
  • Spawn Small Box
  • You Can Spawn Medium Box
  • You Can Spawn Big Box
  • Spawn Small Box With Custom Face
  • Start a Secret/Lucky Box “Rain”
  • And Other Crazy Things
  • ETC…

(Installation) Of GTA 5 Lucky Blocks Mod:

  • First, download the Lucky Blocks Mod” from here.
  • Then extract the RAR file and open the extracted folder.
  • And this mod uses the OpenIV package installer,
  • Also, install “Script Hook V” & NIBMods menu
  • For more installation instructions read the file README! notepad.
  • I hope you will install it (Thank You).

How to Use (HotKeys):

  • – Menu
  • Ctrl + N – Show mods menu
  • Up/Down/Left/Right (also numpads 2, 4, 6 and 8) – Navigate
  • Enter/Numpad5 – Select item
  • Numpad0/Backspace – Previous menu/Close menu
  • – Gameplay
  • Ctrl+1 – Spawn a small box
  • Ctrl+2 – Spawn small box with custom face
  • Ctrl+3 – Spawn medium box
  • Ctrl+4 – Spawn big box
  • Ctrl+9 to start a secret box “rain”
Shoot the boxes to break them and reveal the surprise
You can edit the hotkeys using the mod Controls menu in the mod Options
Explore the mod Options menu, there are a few customization options there

Customizing The Box Faces

After installing the mod, to edit the textures, in OpenIV with Edit Mode On, go to:

Then double click the YTD files of the boxes and replace the textures you wish, then click in Save.
I recommend using 512×512 images to avoid issues.

The YTD files are:

  • prop_drug_package.ytd (Small Box, this one only have one face type)
  • prop_mp_drug_pack_blue.ytd (Small Box with 3 face types)
  • prop_drug_package_02.ytd (Medium Box  with 3 face types)
  • prop_mp_drug_package.ytd (Big Box with 3 face types)

So friends thanks for the support keep it more and enjoy the GTA 5 Lucky Blocks Mod. more than more. We are always available for you. and, you can download more best mods for GTA 5, GTA 4 from our website. Click Here to check it out

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