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GTA 5 Nissan Titan Warrior [Add-On / Auto-Installer OIV]

Download the GTA 5 Nissan Titan Warrior by clicking the button below.


This is GTA 5 Nissan Titan Warrior [Add-On / Auto-Installer OIV]. If you think it’s something you’ll love, download it from our website and check out its screenshot above. Then, read below to learn more…


  • Accurate real life scale
  • Interior with illumination
  • Trunk & doors work!
  • Real life like door opening!
  • Smooth reflections
  • Working headlights leds
  • Brake and reversing lights
  • Front indicators
  • Correctly scaled tires
  • Working steering wheel
  • Hands on steering wheel
  • Tuning
  • Extra
  • Dirt
  • Livery
  • & More… Enjoy!

How to install:

Installation of this mod is quite simple; all you need to do is download it from our website. Then extract it. After extraction, you will find a README file with instructions for each installation method, including [Add-On], [Replace], [FiveM], and [OIV Package] installer. This file will guide you on how to install it in your GTA 5, with many more instructions. You can follow the steps that you feel most comfortable with to install it without any issues.


  • Auto (Package Installer OIV) By: Best Modding
  • Mod By: gtavmodscar

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