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M41 Walker Bulldog USA MBT [Add-On / Auto-Installer OIV]

Download M41 Walker Bulldog USA MBT For Downloading Click On Below Button.

This is M41 Walker Bulldog USA MBT [Add-On / Auto-Installer OIV]. That you’ll love, download it from our website and check out its screenshot above if you think it’s something for you. Then look at below to know more…


  • 3 Tank liveries
  • Swaying Antenna with vehilce’s momentum
  • Non reflective paint
  • Tracks React to the terrain
  • Very High Range Weapons
  • 3 Liveries/Skins/paintjobs.
  • 2 Weapons swichable
  • Press Tab key to cycle weapons
  • Smooth bore Gun
  • Machine Gun with Explosive shells
  • Breakable Glass
  • Real life Dimensions scaled accordingly.
  • Headlights on hull
  • Search light on Turrent
  • Brake lights
  • Tail lights
  • Reversing Light
  • Agile, and speedy realistically
  • 70-83 Km/hr
  • Custom Handling.
  • slow and realistic Aim
  • Realistic movment of turrent
  • Realistic balance of body
  • Durable
  • Complete Lods
  • Near perfect collisions
  • & More… Enjoy!

How to install:

Installation of this mod is quite simple; all you need to do is download it from our website. Then extract it, after extracting inside will be a README! notepad with each installation method such as [Add-On], [Replace], [FiveM], and [OIV Package] installer. That tells you how to install in your GTA 5 with many more instructions, you can install it without a hitch according to whichever set of steps you feel most comfortable with.


  • Auto (Package Installer OIV) By: Best Modding
  • Mod By: FoxtrotDelta

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