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Fiat Bravo – Polizia di Stato (Add-On – Replace) 1.0

Download Fiat Bravo – Polizia di Stato [ADD-ON – Replace] 1.0 For Downloading Click On Below Button.

Fiat Bravo – Polizia di Stato (Add-On – Replace) 1.0


Put the files in this folder / Metti i file in questa cartella:

File ELS: Grand Theft Auto V\ELS\pack-default

  • Add-On
    Rilascia la cartella bravopp in/ Release the bravopp in folder = mods \ update \ x64 \ dlcpacks
    Modifica/Edit= dlclist.xml da update \ update.rpf \ common \ data
    aggiungi questa linea: dlcpacks: \ bravopp \ item>

Salvalo e sostituiscilo.
Save it and replace it.

Nome di Spawn: bravopp
Name of Spawn: bravopp


you are not allowed to modify my liveries – model without my authorization.
For information ask on private

File Meta non compatibili con FiveM
Meta file not compatible with FiveM


  • Model: HUM3D Converted by: RGP MODELS
  • Skinned by: RGP MODELS
  • Modded by: RGP MODELS

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