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2020 McLaren Speedtail (Add-On) 2.0

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McLaren Speedtail 2020 (Add-On)


  • HQ Interior/dials/hands-on steering wheel worked-
  • Real wheels/quality tire/brakes/calipers-
  • Paint 1(body car)+dirtmap-
  • Aero flaps/real doors-
  • & more…

2.0 Update Changelog:

  • rework interior
  • new 3d tires and new textures
  • fix aero flaps
  • fix front wheel like to real
  • new dirtmap
  • brakeable glass
  • tints avaliable
  • trunk and hood added
  • rework full body

How to install:

  1. Go to “/update/x64/dlcpacks/”, create a new folder called “mcst” and put inside the “dlc.rpf” file.
  2. Export “dlclist.xml” from “/update/update.rpf/common/data/” path to your desktop with OpenIV. Open the file with a text editor and add this line to the end <Item>dlcpacks:/mcst/</Item>
  3. Import the file again to the path above with OpenIV.
  4. Done, use a Trainer to spawn the cars with “mcst” name, and enjoy!


Extract:.CSB ” Convert And Edit ” Abolfazl Danaee (00AbOlFaZl00)

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