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GTA 4 Trainer Crazy Cheat Menu (Liberty’s Legacy)

Download the GTA 4 Trainer Crazy Cheat Menu by clicking the button below.


GTA 4 Trainer Crazy Cheat Menu Mod (Liberty’s Legacy) That is used to get all weapons, unlimited health, for super-jump, unstoppable cars, flying vehicles, change the weather at any degree, spawning bodyguards, Teleport to any place, and many more crazy things. So you should definitely try it, essay to install just read the below instructions.


  • Teleports to Waypoint
  • Teleport out of a car instantly if stuck
  • Super Jump
  • Fast Running
  • You Can Chang Menu Theme also
  • Spawn any car, including addon
  • Recently spawned car models menu
  • Spawn bodyguards
  • Spawn enemy
  • Godmode, specific weapons
  • Change player model to any ped
  • Change your walk style to any animation set
  • Copy any player’s player model
  • Special Car Godmode
  • Never Dirty
  • Set your car’s color to a completely random
  • Never Wanted
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Reload
  • Never Tired
  • And Much More…

(Installation) Of GTA 4 Trainer:

  • First, download the Crazy GTA 4 Trainer from here.
  • Then extract the RAR file. and Open the extracted folder
  • Just copy all the files from “Copy to Game Folder” and Paste them where the game is installed.
  • Now enjoy GTA 4 with a crazy cheat menu (Liberty’s Legacy).

How to Use (HotKeys):

  • – Menu
  • F11 – to Show the menu
  • Up/Down/Left/Right (also Numpads 246 and 8) – Navigate
  • Enter/Numpad5 – Select item
  • Numpad0/Backspace – Previous menu/Close menu

NOTE: You Can Enable Arrow Trainer Navigation. However, But in Cause The in-Game Cellphone To Pop-Up. So i Suggest Changin The Keybind of The Cellphone in Game Settings. to Enable Arrow Navigation, Go to The Trainer Settings And Enable “Use Normal Menu Keys”.

So friends thanks for the support keep it more and enjoy the GTA 4 Trainer. more than more. We are always available for you. and, you can download more best mods for GTA 5, GTA 4 from our website. Click Here to check it out

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  1. if anyone is having trouble when it sends the glass fiber website click open link and than wait for abit for it to unlock then click unlock and it will send you the suppose website where you would officially download the trainer

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