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GTA 4 HULK Mod – With Power’s

Download the GTA 4 HULK Mod by clicking the button below.

HULK Mod is a fictional superhero in GTA 4 game created by JulioNIB. One of my best favorite GTA 4 HULK mod with best controls and best powers. So we are providing to download GTA 4 HULK mod – with power’s essay to install just download from here and read the below instruction.


  • Super melee attacks
  • Thunder clap
  • Punch ground attack
  • Grab and throw (or smash on ground) peds, it’s not precise yet, the grab fail more than work 🙁
  • Grab lamp pole and use like an baseball bat
  • Lift vehicles or dumpster and throw them
  • Big jump attack
  • Direct attack against targets
  • Big jump to reach top of buildings or cover big distances
  • Grab launched rockets and throw them
  • Wall climb
  • Extra speed when running/swimming fast
  • And maybe something that i’m forgetting now ^^

(Installation) Of GTA 4 HULK Mod:

  • Download the “HULK Mod” from here.
  • Than extract the RAR file and open the extract folder.
  • The mod uses OpenIV package installer.
  • For more installation instruction read in file README! notepad.
  • Read & install, than enjoy the GTA 4 HULK mod

How to Use (HotKeys):

  • Insert – Activate/Deactivate (or show the mod menu)
  • Left mouse button – Attack with punches, throw grabbed/lifted things, attack with lamp pol
  • E – Hold to charge the Thunder clap attack, release to perform the attack
  • R – Hold to charge the Punch ground attack, release to perform the attack
  • Hold space for a while to perform the Big jump, you can do this running too
  • While falling from Big Jump hold Left mouse button to perform Big Jump fall attack
  • You can hold space when getting close to ground to perform the big jump again with more forward speed
  • Right mouse button – Set targets, use Left mouse button to attack/jump to target
  • When grabbing or lifting something hold left mouse button to increase the Throw force


So friends thanks for support keep it more and enjoy the GTA 4 HULK mod more than more. We are always available for you. and you can download more best mods for GTA 5, GTA 4 from our website. Click Here And enjoy Thank You.

Disclaimer: We do not intent to infringe any intellectual right artist right or copyright. If you feel any of the content posted here is under your ownership just contact us and we will remove that content immediately. Or if you require a suitable credit please let us know. mods and any other information presented is intended only to familiarize users with the materials that may be of interest to them.

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